Holly Davis,
Branding & Marketing Manager
Who we are
“Challenging the markets we work within and being ahead of the curve as progressive thinkers. ”
I am Holly Davis and I am the Branding & Marketing Manager at Office Oracle. My role includes managing and strategising all comms which we produce on all platforms internally and externally. This covers not only printed comms but all social media marketing and events. Thinking about the whole brand experience and making sure at every level we are consistent in supporting our brand value and vision of ‘customer service excellence’.

As well as managing Office Oracles comms, I also oversee our sister brands and help support our clients with their brands in anyway I can.

I have over 17 years experience within the Branding & Marketing industry working on some of the most well known brands globally. I have taken the experience and knowledge I have learnt and now apply those strategies to the current brands we have developed under the Office Oracle umbrella.
I am incredibly passionate about branding and truly love my job in everyway, I love helping businesses and brands communicate their difference in a clear, consistent and successful way.

My future plans are to continue to
build and develop the brands we currently have within Office Oracle. Challenging the markets we work within and being a head of the curve as progressive thinkers.